The best way to switch your IP address

There aren’t many ways which may benefit you–some easy, some not, in the event you would like to switch your IP address in your house computer. /technical procedures described below, you’ll be able to attempt something which is super easy before attempting more complex.

Just turn off or unplug your modem for approximately 5 minutes. (You do not have to turn your computer off.) When you go back on-line oftentimes this will alter your IP address.
If this does not work, try unplugging your modem the next morning and assessing your IP address.

To inspect the IP address you are now using, just visit our homepage. Hopefully among these more straightforward measures provides you with the effect you desired.
Have notebook, go cellular

It is possible to change to a fresh IP address quite readily, if only briefly for those who own a notebook –but you are able to do it anytime you need.

Simply go to any coffee shop, bookstore or alternative location that provides free wireless Internet (Wifi(registered company)). Your IP address will automatically shift as you will use another Internet connection join chat rooms or to send e-mail.
What of a proxy?

In the event you are looking to change your IP address mainly as you need to gain access to internet-based newsgroups, you might wish to consider employing a proxy server. Find out more by reading our post on proxies.

In the event you are not the technical kind, get in touch with your Internet service provider (ISP) and ask them when they have been in a position to switch your IP address or how long your link must be off on your IP address to transform.

In the event you are up for more-sophisticated techniques, and you also use Windows, try the steps below in case your IP address shifts, and find out.
For Windows users
– Computer connected straight to your cable or DSL modem

Get into a command prompt. (BEGINNING, run, cmd).
Start Menu Run Carton
Type “ipconfig /release” (without the quotations, on the command line by itself).
Shut down computer.
Turn computer off.
Turn all ethernet hubs/switches off.
Turn cable/DSL modem off.
Leave immediately off.
Turn everything back on.

For networks utilizing a Router

Log to the admin console of the router. (Usually
Release the IP address (process varies by router maker)
Turn off router, ethernet hubs/switches, as well as the cable/DSL modem
Leave off immediately
Turn everything back on next day

You may decide to connect your pc straight to the cable/DSL modem in the event you are utilizing a cable/DSL modem along with a router. Please be aware that one’s body security could be substantially impacted by this.

For those who own a router and you are still not having any luck, check to find out when there is a “Clone MAC Address” choice. Using your IP address should alter; yet, typically you will just have the ability to get it done once.

When it doesn’t answer your question, please go to with the shift IP address newsgroup.