Can I Hide My IP Address?

I often browse websites like Yahoo and Quora Answers to see if I could bring and help people with questions they have asked about IP addresses.

A great majority of individuals need to conceal their IP address since they believe it’s going to give them anonymity online and keep hackers from hacking on their computer.

That could not be farther from the truth.

Am I able to Surf The Web Anonymously?

The brief explanation is when you are browsing the internet which you’re not totally anonymous. With enough resources, virtually anyone could be located no matter how they conceal their courses or their IP. To stay totally anonymous, it requires extreme diligence when making use of the means by which you connect to the net as well as your pc. Nearly every server/computer you connect to via the internet is going to have log file. Individuals tend to be concerned with others getting their IP address.

Theoretically, just the owners that are servers have access to those log files. Example would be Facebook. Should you visit with facebook, whether you are logged in or not, they will start to see the IP address that you’re connecting. Does this mean spy for you and they are planning to track you down? NO! Get over your paranoia. Why in the world there are over a BILLION users on Facebook, would they single out you? Have you been looking to hack on their servers? Do you know what, they’ll go forward and block your IP. But in the event that you are successful with nefarious action on their website, they could spend the resources to locate you depending on the degree of risk or severity you could possibly present with their business. HOWEVER, in case you are only the typical, regular surfer, they do not care what your IP address is, nor do most other websites.

Social Media

Here’s where you need to be the most concerned for me. Why conceal your IP address when you post everything about your own life on social networking websites? I get questions on a regular basis about ways to stay anonymous, etc. I look up the IP address from where the e-mail came, I go to Google, I type in the senders name or email address, and nearly 100% of the time, I find who this man is and the things they look like within the very first ten results. Do not believe me? Visit Google and search for your username, your email, or your name. Yes, your username. Any username you have used to post to alternative website or a newsgroup. It is out there and it is all advice that you supplied. There are a few exclusions. Some locations where you could join a charge card or cell phone really sell your info (home address, age, sex, etc.) and websites print this info.
Options to hiding your IP address

Concealing your IP address is an excellent part of protecting yourself on-line. It is definitely not the final measure that keeps your on-line status safe or unattributable, although I do not need you to believe it is uselss.

You need to make as many of your profiles private. Particularly sites like Twitter Facebook, as well as other popular social networking sites. Keep your private information private.

Get a Google Voice number in the event that you definitely must supply a telephone number, you are able to give that number out but still receive calls and text messages.

Not using your actual name on the internet is helpful in the event you connect among your buddies is bound to make use of your actual name in a remark with buddies on social media having an alias or when posting something for your wall. And the post was on their wall and in case your profile is private from the general public, but their profile is not, imagine what. Someone with enough resources excavating down to discover who you’re only got one step closer.

You are just anonymous or as private as your weakest link. The sole accurate solution to stay anonymous on the internet is to connect to the web.