Can I Be Monitored By My IP Address

Someone has my IP address, can I be found by them?

When you connect to the web via your Internet Service Provider(ISP) you’re assigned an IP address. Your IP address is not dissimilar online, but also for your pc, to your own mailing address. It will not show where you are, while this address can be used to route web visitors to your own computer. If someone was in a position to get your IP address they are able to learn a little about your internet service, such as which supplier you utilize for connecting to the net, however they actually can not find your office, your house, or you. In certain conditions they could situate even a nearby city, or the city you’re in, however they WOn’t have your physical address. They’re going to lose your trail as soon as they trace you back to your own ISP. Your ISP understands where you’re, while strangers might be unable to locate you. ISPs will usually go to great lengths to shield your solitude and also you however they do maintain logs of your links.

There’s one huge exception to being located. In the event you should be involved in actions that are illegal a law enforcement agency will get a court order and submit it to your own ISP to request your advice. This can be one method you may be located.

Finally, the easy answer is no. They CAn’t find you, if someone was to get your IP address. That isn’t one of them although there are several other methods you are able to be found. You are prone to be monitored by posting your name and town online than by your IP address.